Planning and executing your conference just got easier

Schedule your team’s booth coverage, attend key sessions, and share what everyone learns.
​All it takes is a tap.

Functionality that maximizes team impact – before, during, and after the conference

Concierge support: schedule services, amenities, and transportation
Time management: schedule your team and keep in touch 
Competitive intelligence: gather, report, and centralize information
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Keep the team informed

Icon for Car Services or Transportation that can be provide in Simple Conferences App
Icon of map for location information in the Simple Conferences App
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Know where to stay ​and ​how to get there
Hotel information, transportation, and conference details are instantly accessible.

Notify the team when plans change 
Get real-time updates and add event details with locations and descriptions.

Never miss an appointment Receive reminder alerts and quickly check information for each event.

Keep the team productive

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Share what’s learned throughout the team 

Conference attendees pool their information digitally. Daily.

Share what’s learned with the office 

Information becomes insight that’s sent securely to your competitive intelligence team.

Keep it simple. 
SimpleConferences® is as intuitive as it is impactful. No training required.

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Keep the team at ease

Image of Simple Conferences Transportation Integration
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First time here?
​Familiarize everyone with the local amenities.

Car Service

Need to get from here to there? 
Provide your team with cost-effective transportation.


What’s good on the menu?
Pick highly rated restaurants integrated with Yelp.

Pin icon

Where is it located?  
Find out easily with addresses linked to Maps.

Want more functionality? Integrate 3rd-party apps.

Coordinate your team. Consolidate your effort. Optimize your impact.

Simple Conferences® – conference-proven benefits for 
Simple Conferences Pharma Brand Managers Icon

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies

Transform your conference team into a business intelligence center. Share what they learn instantly.

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Pharmaceutical Brand Managers

Supply team members with conference information customized to their assignment.

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Pharmaceutical Communication Agencies

Ditch the spreadsheets and the binders. Put the playbook in their pockets.

Intuitive Design. 

No Training Required. 

Seamlessly designed for iPhone and iPad, SimpleConferences® requires no training.

Just choose your features and go.

Optimizing conference teams around the world.

Field-proven benefits at major conferences, including:
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams at ASCO
Simple Conferences could be used at SFN
Use the mobile app at pharma conferences
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams at ACC
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams at AAD
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams at EULAR
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams at EADV
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams attending ECHO
Simple Conferences perfect for brand teams at ACR

Maximize ROI with the app designed for healthcare conference teams.

Schedule your team and update them on the fly. Gather, report, and share information – across the room or around the world. Find the services your team needs. Fast.​ 

Get the most from your conference team.